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Welcome to the Integrated Supplier Quality Documents page

Navistar has integrated the Vehicle and Powertrain supplier quality organizations.  The combined departments are now known as Integrated Supplier Quality.  With the integration, Navistar has clarified the supplier quality requirements with the release of the Navistar Integrated Supplier Quality Requirements.

Quality expectations for Navistar suppliers include:

  • Achievement of stated quality requirements.
  • Rapid response to quality issues and containment within 24 hours.
  • Robust problem solving and resolution.
  • Commitment to Navistar Change Management policy.
  • On-time delivery to meet schedule requirements.
  • Continuous improvement in product, process, and service.
  • Use of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process for new products, or changes to existing products.

Integrated Supplier Quality Documents:

Navistar suppliers are expected to use the documents listed herein effective November 1, 2012 and previous versions of Navistar documents must be discontinued.  All questions regarding the content can be directed to

Learning Modules:

Learning modules for the Navistar Integrated Supplier Quality Requirements have been developed and will be available in November, 2012 at www.  Navistar suppliers are expected to review those modules for details regarding the requirements.  These learning modules are available for all suppliers free of charge.

Ship Holds:

All Suppliers who have a ship hold incident may be automatically placed on Navistar’s Quality Top Focus (QTF) performance status requiring a deep dive into product and process controls, and a mandatory pass thru characteristic (PTC) workshop held at the offending supplier location.

  Return Material Authorization Communication  February 3, 2014
ISQ-001-QM Navistar Integrated Supplier Quality Requirements IOctober 15, 2020
ISQ-002-FOPhased PSW Form JDecember 12, 2020
ISQ-003-FO SREA - Supplier Request for Engineering Approval with ChecklistGDecember 12, 2020
ISQ-004-FO NSA - Navistar Supplier Assessment ANovember 2, 2012
ISQ-005-FO Navistar APQP Workbook CFebruary 15, 2017
ISQ-006-FO DCPA - Dynamic Control Plan AuditDJuly 30, 2020
ISQ-007-FO Vehicle Material Deviation Form AMarch 18, 2013
ISQ-008-FO Run at Rate FormAMarch 13, 2013
ISQ-010-FO Capacity Verification FormCMarch 13, 2014
ISQ-011-FO Design Verification Plan and Report TemplateBOctober 15, 2020
ISQ-014-FO Supplier Quotation Feasibility Commitment Form ANovember 1, 2013
ISQ-016-FO Tier Pass-Through Assessment and Weak Detection Matrix COctober 15, 2020
ISQ -018-FO Navistar Shutdown Startup Process Questions AMay 4, 2015
ISQ-011-PR Restricted Substance Reporting Procedures BSeptember 28, 2018
MPAPS B-50 Materials, Parts, and Process Specifications 20-04April, 2020
ISQ-005-A-FO Sub Supplier Program Status Matrix AMarch 24, 2021

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