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Material, Parts and Process Specifications

Material, Parts and Process Specifications (MPAPS) are a collection of consolidated and revised versions of specifications formerly included and defined in the Navistar Corporate Engineering Material Specifications (CEMS), Truck Material Specifications (TMS) and Engineering Standards Parts (ESP) collections. It includes a wide variety of material and structural properties and specifications related to Navistar Corporate Engineering guidelines, and performance requirements and descriptions of special tests of the parts, components, and materials used in International Brand Trucks and IC Buses.

Navistar Technical Standards Group has contracted the exclusive distribution of Navistar’s Material, Parts and Process Specifications (MPAPS) documents through the Information Handling Services of IHS Markit (Formerly IHS Global). IHS Markit supplies technical and regulatory information services around the world.

To meet your company's individual needs, copies of standards can be purchased directly from IHS Markit. These standards are available as individual documents and by annual collection subscription.

Contact IHS Markit
- USA/Canada Phone: 800-716-3447 Fax: 303-705-4105
- Outside of the USA Phone: 303-397-2896 Fax: 303-397-2410
- Internet: or

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